Kurilean bobtail långhår

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Dk*Silky Catz The winner takes it all

Today there are only a few longhaired Kurilean bobtail in Sweden. One of them is my tomcat, The winner takes it all, who was born in the first litter in Denmark  9th of July 2009.

I already owned a Tukish Van,  Johnny Winter, and a domestic cat Honey and like any other cat owners, I thought my cats were very special and personal, especially my Turkish Van, and I still think.

But my little Kurilean bobtail turned out to be something else in addition to other cats I've met! He still surprises me by doing things I never dreamt that a cat would be able to cope. And a more affectionate cat is hard to find, he is like a small dog. He is always curious and comes forward to greet and play when he meets new cats, children & dogs.

This special little cat managed to take Ex.1 and NOM on his first show in Malmö on 10-11 April 2010 and I have ever seen a cooler cat. It even seemed as if he thought it was really fun to be on the show and happily showed himself without the least sign of discontent. 

My second Kurilean bobtail, Muse, is the first registered female in Sweden who came to me in late July.

She is a determined little girl, who although she is my youngest, now rules over the other cats at home! She is incredibly affectionate with poeple, crazy for cuddle and LOVES to play with both children and dogs.  She´s always happy happy happy, never afraid and purres no matter what. She´s been very succesful at exhibitions, and she is very calm and lovely to handle. She has now adopted Hermionas kittens and helps out to babysits ;-) 16 mars 2012 she got her very own litter, 4 beautiful bobtails, very much longed for by her.

Incredibly, both my Bobs likes to travel by car and to discover new places, and it is a pure delight to be able to take them with you everywhere. My third cat, Hermiona, ia a beautiful little Kurilean Bobtail female from Russia, who came to Sweden september 18 2010 by airplane through Arlanda Stockholm, to be my second queen. This also seems like a small determined woman, but very kind and patient and she has her very own low chirping sound. She is absolutly a cat that LOVES to be near humans! And she takes care of her catfamily, makes sure that everyone is clean and happy. Very interessted in water. And amazing to jump really high. A little more talkative than my other cats - but perhaps it is that she talks about Russia to the other cats, what do I know ;-)

She had her first litter 2011-07-03, 4 healthy bobs. And she is a very gentle, loving and caring young mother ♥ and takes excellent care of her babies!

I myself have always loved animals and have had cats since childhood. My breeding was approved and registered with Fife in 2010. I have worked in medicine, psychiatry, emergency but have now saddled on a bit and is working on one of the largest security companies in Sweden. I've started horsebackriding as an adult, and I am happiest with a really dull old horse for slow rides in rhe forrest :-)  Since autumn 2011, I have tried Western riding and absolutely love it! Are considering a little to re-start my line dancing again, then I am almost a cowgirl ... I also like to do small jewelry and tie macramé leather bracelets, take a look at Smycken a´la Levi 

Cats' well-being comes first for me, the exhibition on second place, and only if it suits the cat ... My cattery is small and I plan to have 1-2 litters per year, not more.
I want a personal contact with my cat buyers, ie the right cat for the right human   ;-)