Kurilean bobtail långhår

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Litter K - Kuril kot on K  - Pedigree - born 2017-07-22


IC SE*Kot-á-Kuril Tengel & SE*Kot-á-Kuril Texas hold'em


Click on thier names for mor pics 

SE*Kot-á-Kuril Klimax, male d 22 redtabby, breed - FREE

SE*Kot-á-Kuril Karisma female n 22 blacktabby, breed & show - FREE

SE*Kot-á-Kuril Kassanova, male n 22 browntabby - BOOKED 

SE*Kot-á-Kuril Kashmir, male d 22 redtabby - BOOKED 

SE*Kot-á-Kuril Klassic, male n 22 browntabby, breed, show - FREE

SE*Kot-á-Kuril Karamelle, female f 22 tortietabby - BOOKED




Pictures Litter K    Kuril Kot on K, födda 2017-07-22 

Pictures Litter J- Just like Heaven, born 2016-10-27

Pictures Litter I - In a Lullaby, born 2015-08-17

Pictures Litter H - House of cards, födda 2015-02-06

Pictures Litter G  - Glamour with colour, born 2014-11-27

Pictures Litter F - French kisses, born 2014-11-27

Pictures Litter E - Earth Wind & Fire, born 2013-11-26

Pictures Litter D - Dressed for success, born 2013-02-04

Pictures Litter C - Cast a spell on you, born 2012-04-17

Pictures Litter B - Born to be wild, born 2012-03-16

Pictures Litter A - At first sight, born 2011-07-03



At delivery the kitten is at least 12 weeks old, veterinary cheched, dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and registered i SVERAK and insured against hidden defects in AGRIA

Kittens going abroad will have rabiesvaccination, transfer & passport.

I only sell fertile cats to verified breeders, otherwise the kitten will be neutered and 16 weeks old before departure.

The kitten will bring a kitten package with food, toys, advice & tips to their new owners.
My goal is to breed healthy, social and harmonious cats. My cats belong to my family and should be seen as a small familymember by their new owner. My cats are sold only as indoor cats. Any stay outdoors must be controlled ex. in an exercise yard.
Balconies should be provided with nets.

KBL may not be bred with any other breeds and SHALL be neutered.

Fertile kittens will be considered only to registrated breeders.

All kittens are sold with a pedigree 

Even if a kitten is looking very promising for the future, I can not guarantee any show success, as this depends on how the cat developes, both physically and mentally during life.